Well, here we go! I’ve been lucky enough to have a group of friends where I live who share a passion for voiceover. We’re all pretty new, but we decided to do something I’d never thought I’d do: start a podcast. “About what?” you ask? Heh … Everything!

Ok not “EVERYTHING” but basically what we’re attempting to do is chronicle our personal journeys through the voiceover career choice we’ve made. Enter the eVOlution voiceover podcast! It’s not intended to be sage-like advice or a 101 course or anything like that. All it is, is a way to show people, any people, what it’s like from 4 distinct and unique perspectives to start and go through the process of finding your way through voiceover.

This first episode serves as the backdrop for our little crew as we go over why exactly we got into voiceover to begin with. Each of us talks about the circumstances we found ourselves in when we made the decision to jump in and what all has happened since we took that leap. Subsequent episodes will deal with things we come across, lessons learned, gigs booked, failures we faced, etc. all in the name of transparency.

“Why?” You ask? I shrug at you! For some of us, getting into voiceover was something we never expected to happen. For others it was this pedestal that just kind of … existed and we had no idea there was a pathway to do it. So, we’re trying to pull back the curtain on our own journeys, which may be similar to some and quite different from others. But everyone has their own unique journey they experience and this is ours!