Alright … (Some of) You asked for it, so here it is … the first chapter in our little Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure. I’ll preface this by saying I know it’s not perfect (far from…) but I’m putting it out now in the hopes that as I go along with this, I’ll improve and it will be a marked improvement such that I can listen back and tell. Feel free to comment and critique as you like. I’m definitely open to wise words from those who do this for a living (like Jack de Golia and Abby Elvidge).

Much like the first one I did for James M Wong‘s 5 minute story, I can already see some places where I can change things for the better: inflections, speed, accent consistencies, etc. So, have a listen if ya fancy.if you enjoy it, I can do more as the group adventures more! I actually have more to write from our first 2 outings, but this one was already at 8 minutes and it seemed a good place to cut it.