Meet Bruce

Literally No One:

Me: *watches a documentary on the Voice Over industry*

Literally No One:

Me: “Huh … I wonder how you even get into that.”

A Brief History

So there I was, sitting inside a 737-800 airplane, waiting to kick off my father’s retirement party. I was talking to my brother about a certain documentary I’d watched about Voice Over Artists and he mentioned to me that there was a studio in Las Vegas that had classes on becoming a Voice Actor. I couldn’t believe it was that easy, and yet here I sit, a product of that revelation.

When I’m not in my studio I can be found mulling about in one of my many hobbies: playing video games, drawing, painting miniatures and finding various creative ways to use my voice (for the power of good, obviously)!

  • Born in England
  • Raised in Scotland
  • Professional in the IT industry since the early 90s
  • Almost left the IT industry after burnout, but discovered Cyber Security and the ability to actually help people, which brought me back in
  • Love cartoons and video games of all kinds
  • Met wife in World of Warcraft